History of Mathematics at GVSU
Department Seminars in 2002

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Department of Mathematics
Grand Valley State University
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2002 Department Seminars 

March 12
Ed Aboufadel and Pam Wells.  Enhancing MTH 210.
March 19
David Coffey and Will Dickinson.  The 'Product Game' and Beyond.
March 26
Akilu Zeleke (Alma College).  The Loop Erased Walk.
April 2
Pam Wells.  Listening to Children’s Mathematical Thinking.
April 11
Mary Richardson (Statistics) and David Coffey.  Is it really fair?
April 16
Department Celebration Seminar.
Sept. 10
Mike McDaniel (Aquinas College).  Who Put the PT in the HOMFLYPT?
Sept. 17
Paul Fishback.  Mandelbrot Sets in Matrix Rings: The Tale of Ternary Number Systems.
Sept. 24
Shandelle Henson (Andrews University).  If Animals Come In Discrete Units, How Can Population Size Be Chaotic?
Oct. 1
Christopher Frayer (student).  Perfect One Error Correcting Codes on Complete Iterated Graphs.
Oct. 8
Steve Schlicker.  The Geometry of the Hausdorff Metric.
Oct. 17
Will Dickinson and Ryan Koesterer (student).  Spherical Triangle Theorems.
Oct. 22
Tom Scofield (Calvin College).  Convergent Spirals and their Path Lengths.
Oct. 29
Akalu Tefera.  An Introduction to Voronoi Diagrams and Their Applications.
Nov. 14
John Golden.  What do the MEAP scores MEAN?  Setting Standards for Statewide Exams.

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