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  A photo-simulation of an offshore wind farm six miles from the Michigan coast. Click here to see how it was done.
  Offshore wind farm simulation
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This project focuses on showing Michigan residents the connections between electricity generation (in particular offshore wind energy facilities), water quality, and quality of life through the use of visualization tools, fact sheets and informal, small group interactions. Alternative energy sources, like wind energy, can contribute to Michigan’s renewable energy goals, reduce pollution, and enhance economic development. Michigan has outstanding wind resources offshore on the Great Lakes. However there are several technical and social barriers to utilizing this offshore wind energy resource. Our event outlines a statewide plan to engage the public in a discussion of the benefits and challenges of offshore wind energy development in Michigan’s Great Lakes waters.

The goal of the project will be to expand the consensus on Great Lakes protection to include electricity generation.

The outreach and education plan will focus on how offshore wind energy might be able to 1) enhance the quality of the Great Lakes; and 2) enhance the quality of life of coastal communities.


For more information about the benefits, challenges and concerns about offshore wind energy development in Michigan's Great Lakes, please see our Project Documents and Handouts page.

On behalf of the project team, thank you for your interest in our project.

Erik Nordman, Principal Investigator


This project is funded with a grant from the Michigan Dept. of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth.  It involves a collaboration between Grand Valley State University's Natural Resources Management Program, the Annis Water Resources Institute, the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center, and the Great Lakes Commission.


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