MAREC supports study of new battery tech

Date: September 4, 2012

By Joe Boomgaard and Elijah Brumback
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MUSKEGON — Critics of renewable energy correctly point out that the wind and sun inconsistently produce energy.

In essence, what’s been lacking is a way to efficiently store energy generated from those renewable sources. But early stage research at the Grand Valley State University Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center in Muskegon shows promise in developing a long-term battery storage system.

MAREC recently started working with Paul Rasmussen, professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Michigan and founder of Ann Arbor-based Vinazene Inc., which has patented intellectual property that lends itself to be used in so-called redox flow battery technology.

Redox batteries function somewhat like a fuel cell, but derive energy from the flow of a liquid, said Rasmussen.

The technology shows promise for land-based stationary energy storage projects, but would be too large to work for transportation applications, Rasmussen said.


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