Returner Member Information

Welcome Back LMB Members!

Welcome Back LMB Members!

This page outlines all the information you will need for your summer preparation to the LMB band camp. Please read each section in its entirety and carefully. 

The sections cover the following topics:

  1. Important Dates
  2. Band Camp Registration
  3. Pregame and Show Music
  4. Pregame Music Memorization Process
  5. Marching Fundamental Work
  6. GVSU Fight lyrics and GVSU Alma Mater lyrics and parts

Important Summer Dates




May 10 - August 2

Summer Orientation Dates

- Register for MUS 107 Section 01 or 02
- Uniform Fitting for EVERYONE: Will take place at Band Camp

Saturday, July 15 & Sunday, July 16

Summer Camp for GVSU Color Guard & Drumline

Mandatory camp for Color Guard & Drumline members. 

August 1

Deadline for online Band Camp Registration

CLICK HERE for Band Camp Registration Page

August 7 - August 14

Submission of Pregame Music Memorization e-mail

E-mail the three (3) hyperlinks to your Pregame Memorization videos to:

August 17 & 18

LMB Leadership Camp

Section Leaders, Drum Majors, and Field Techs 

Saturday, August 19

LMB Band Camp Starts!

All Returners and New Members!

CLICK Here for the 2017 LMB Band Camp Letter and Information

Band Camp Registration

  1. The online Band Camp Registration Form will open May 8, 2017.
  2. All LMB members are required to submit their registration by August 1, 2017.
    • We are providing all returners a new LMB T-Shirt every year now! The T-Shirt field on the Band Camp Registration Page is a mandatory field for returners.
    • If you need a replacement LMB Baseball cap/Winter Knit hat ($24) and/or LMB Scarf ($14), you can order them through the Band Camp Registration form. You will pay for these items at band camp.
  3. Download and print the 2017 UPDATED - Band Camp Letter and Information Document also located on the Band Camp Registration Page.

Pregame and Show Music

Pregame Music

  1. Check your Pregame Part Assignment by clicking: 2017 Pregame Part Assignments
    **2017 Pregame Part Assignments will be available on June 2, 2017
  2. Download your music from the "Members Only" area under "Charts and Music," then "Pregame Music and Charts" or Click 2017 Pregame Music
  3. Begin memorization of the Pregame Show: Page A, Alma Mater, Star Spangled Banner, Page B, Page C, Page D, Page E, Page F, Page G, and #38 GVSU Tag
  4. Pregame rehearsal recordings for each part for each Pregame tune are located in the "Members Only" area under "Charts and Music," then "Pregame Music and Charts"

Show Music

  1. There is NO memorization requirement for half time music since we use flip folders for half time.
  2. Check your Show #1 Part Assignment by clicking: 2017 Show #1 Part Assignments
  3. Download your music from the "Members Only" area under "Charts and Music," then "Show #1 Music and Chartsor Click 2017 Show #1 Music
  4. Click Here for Show #2 Music
  5. Show #3 will be posted by June 1, 2017. 

Pregame Music Memorization Videos and Submission Process

Each wind & percussion member (including section leaders) will send an e-mail to that contains 3 hyperlinks to “unlisted” Youtube videos that show you playing your part to different sections of the Pregame show music memorized. Please review the "Youtube Video Uploading" instructions on the Youtube site or contact your section leader for assistance.     

  1. You must face the camera and be at least 6 feet away from camera.
  2. Take the marked tempos for each tune and have a metronome ticking during your videos.
    • Video 1 – Pregame A (mm=140), Alma Mater (mm=88), National Anthem (mm=96)
    • Video 2 – Pregame B (mm=140), Pregame C (mm=104), Pregame D (mm=140)
    • Video 3 – Pregame E (mm=140), Pregame F (mm=140), Pregame G (mm=140), #38 GVSU Tag (mm=132)
  3. Video Links due between August 7 to August 14

** If you need a GVSU marching instrument for the rest of the summer, please contact Dr. Martin at or call 616-328-1500.

Marching Fundamental Preparation

  • The GVSU LMB uses an 8 to 5 step (glide step) as the basis for our marching fundamentals.
  • The LMB Marching Fundamental Video Links are located in the "Members Only" area under "Charts and Music," then "Pregame Music & Marching Fundamental Videos." 
  • The LMB Marching Fundamental Handbooks are located in the "Members Only" area under "LMB Documents."

While all LMB members march the half time shows, Pregame is an alternate based show where the best marchers and players are chosen at band camp. All members should  prepare by studying the marching fundamental handbook and videos. 

GVSU Fight Song Lyrics and GVSU Alma Mater Lyrics and Parts

GVSU Fight Song - All members are required to memorize the lyrics to GVSU Victory

"We want a Grand Valley Victory,
as Lakers we have pride,
Our team will lead us on,
Blue and White we're at your side!

We want a Grand Valley victory,
as our foes will quickly see.
Raise! Your! Voices and cheer,
for a Victory!

GVSU Alma Mater - All members are required to memorize the lyrics and able to sing a part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass)

Music & Audio tracks for each part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) are on the LMB website in the "Members Only" area under "Music and Charts."

Please look over the parts and memorize the lyrics before band camp. We will either sing or play the Alma Mater in our Pregame show.

Page last modified July 29, 2017