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We are the National Writing Project site that serves West Michigan from Grand Rapids to the lakeshore.  Affiliated with Grand Valley State University, our programs enrich teachers by inviting them to grow as creative writers, as writing coaches, as teacher researchers, and as teachers of other teachers.

In 2003, Dr. Tony Tendero submitted an application to the National Writing Project for a new site in Western Michigan.  The Lake Michigan Writing Project now serves the Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas, including the Lakeshore. We are an authorized professional development provider for NCLB, under Title II, Part C, Subpart 2.

We believe that teachers who write and who share their best classroom practices with others become the best sources of knowledge about excellent pedagogy. We believe they are better able to teach writing, and they are often the best source for creating good writing habits for other teacher and students.

Our focus is to enrich teachers by providing interaction and writing time with each other.

To achieve this mission, the Lake Michigan Writing Project conducts:

  • An Invitational Summer Institute (ENG 632)
  • A Teacher Research course (ENG 633)
  • Professional Development Workshops during the school year led by teachers
  • Open Institutes for teachers by teachers
  • Professional Learning Communities at individual schools led by teachers
  • Writing groups for teachers led by teachers
  • Summer writing camps for youth led by teachers

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