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 Founding reports and documents

The Establishment of a Four-Year College in the Eight County Area. Report.

A New College. House Resolution No. 28 of the 1959 Michigan legislature created a committee to study the need for a four-year state-supported college in the Grand Rapids area. The committee submitted its findings and recommendations to the 1960 legislature in a report entitled "A New College: A Report to the Legislative and Citizens committees on the eight-county study of higher education needs  in Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Kent, Montcalm, Newaygo, and Ottawa Counties" by John X. Jamich, Director of the Survey, December 1959.

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University Publications

Bull Frog Pond. A bulletin from Thomas Jefferson College containing information about campus events, advice to TJC students, op-ed pieces, and other information pertaining to TJC and campus life in general. The name was brought back in 1995 for a special edition sent out to TJC alumni containing a history of TJC, reconnection opportunities, and works submitted by TJC alumni. Succeeded by TJC Newsletter following suspension. 1970-1973, 1995.

Career Services Bulletin. Bulletin containing job listings divided by field and on-campus interview schedules. Published as Placement Office Bulletin until September 1993. October 1985-March 1994.

Clear Hooter. A daily news-gram reporting on and detailing campus events and announcements. Succeeded by Daily Events in 1981. Spring 1970-Fall 1980.

Colleagues. A biannual publication for education professionals exploring pertinent issues in education such as legislation and teaching methods. Fall 1997-present.

Course Catalog. Course catalog published annually to provide students with information and guidance for enrollment. 1963-1977.

Daily Events. A daily bulletin published Monday-Friday reporting on and detailing campus events and announcements. September 1981-Winter 1990.

Dial L for Learning. Promotional brochure for library technology. 1964.

Electric Gazette. Programming guides for instructional television on GVSC’s public television station, WGVC. 1974-1980.

Enlightenment: The Arts. Faculty newspaper devoted to the arts at GVSC. March 1969.

Forum. Faculty/staff weekly, summer bi-monthly newsletter published by the News & Information Services. 1976-present.

The GVSC Alumni Magazine. Official publication of GVSC Alumni Association containing GVSC news, updates on campus life, and connection opportunities. Spring 1970-Fall 1970.

Grand Valley State College Calendar. Weekly calendar listing events going on at GVSC. May 1964-December 1970.

Grand Valley Magazine, 2001-present published by the News & Information Services. [from CDM].

GV Memorandum. Weekly bulletin containing information about GV events, announcements, and employment opportunities. 1970-1976.

Grand Valley State College: a concept for continuing development. Study of the continuing development of the Grand Valley State College Allendale campus. The state-funded study was written to update and reassess the original 1961 plan that guided the college and its architects through the first five years of planning and construction. 1968.

Grand Valley State College: its developmental years 1964-1968. Annual report of the President written as an account of events that transpired at Grand Valley State College during the first five years of operation.

Grand Valley Today. Quarterly newspaper available to friends of GVSC, parents of students, alumni, and interested private citizens and business/community leaders. Contains updates about GVSU, sports schedules, and other news relating to Grand Valley. 1971-1976.

Horizons. Publication intended for alumni, friends, and supporters of GVSC and others interested in GVSC and higher education in general. Covers any issue related to public institutions of higher learning, education , student life, job markets for graduates, and trends in education. Winter 1979-present.

ITV Programming Guide. Guidebook to instructional television programming on Grand Valley’s public television stations. 1973-1976, 1989-1990, 1992-1995.

Inside GVSU. Publication containing news stories concerning GVSU and updates on campus happenings intended for families of students, incoming freshmen and non-traditional students and graduate students. July 1990-Spring 2000.

The Lubbers Legacy, 2001. Illustrated publication commemorating the 32-year tenure of Grand Valley's second President, Arend D. Lubbers, on the occasion of his retirement. On this day, April 17, 2001, President Lubbers also received the university's highest honor, Doctor of Humane Letters.

Report of the President Grand Valley State College 1962-1964: An account of the formative years of a new liberal arts college in Michigan. The first formal report of Grand Valley State College's first President to the Board of Control. The report covers the early stages of college history and development as well as the progress and achievements from 1962-1964, 1965.

Seidman Business Review. Annual publication. 2000-present.

Seidman Update. Bi-annual publication of Grand Valley State University. 1993-present.

The Story Behind This Door. Published by the Grand Valley State College Board of Control in February 1962, prior to the start of construction, as a promotional piece. 1962.

This is Grand Valley, 1962-1972. PR.

Underneath the Arches. The first publication of news and information about the activities and events on Grand Valley’s Allendale campus. Published from 1963-1971.

Update. Monthly programming guides for Grand Valley’s public television stations. 1972-present.

Year in Review. Annual report on the work and findings of the Water Resources Institute. 1999, 2001, 2003-2004.

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Biographies/histories/theses written for and about Grand Valley and its supporters

A Study of the Establishment of Grand Valley State College. A study of the establishment of Grand Valley State College. Thesis for the Degree of Ph.D Michigan State University by Marinus Matthius Swets in 1963. Swets later became a professor and dean at Grand Rapids Junior (later Community) College. 

Robert B. Annis: man of precision. Biography of Robert B. Annis. Annis, with his friend D.J. Angus, was a supporter of environmental education and the Water Resources Institute was named after him. 1993.

Russel Kirkhof: mechanic to millionaire. Biography of Michigan entrepreneur Russel Kirkhof. Kirkhof Center and Kirkhof College of Nursing are named in honor of his support. 1983.

Seymour K. Padnos: family entrepreneur. Biography of Michigan entrepreneur Seymour K. Padnos. the Seymour and Esther Padnos Hall of Science bears the name of the long-time supporters of Grand Valley.1997.

L.V. Eberhard: supermarket superman. Biography of Michigan entrepreneur L.V. Eberhard. The Eberhard center for professional and graduate education was named for Eberhard to honor his support of Grand Valley. 1989.

Leslie E. Tassell: fun-loving entrepreneur. Biography of Michigan entrepreneur Leslie E. Tassell. Tassell provided funding for the Fred M. Keller Engineering Laboratories Building and the Engineering programs at Grand Valley. 2001.

Fred M. Keller: doing things his way. Biography of Michigan entrepreneur Fred M. Keller. The Fred M. Keller Engineering Laboratories Building at Grand Valley was named for Keller. 2000.

D.J. Angus: practical entrepreneur. Biography of entrepreneur D.J. Angus. Angus donated a 50-foot vessel, the Angus, to Grand Valley Water Resources Institute for aquatic sciences instruction and research. 1990.

Dedicated to Our Aquatic Resources: A History of the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute. History of the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute at Grand Valley State University in Muskegon, Michigan, by Gordon L. Olson.

Clare Jarecki: premier tool and die man. Biography of Michigan entrepreneur Clare Jarecki. Jarecki provided funding for the Fred M. Keller Engineering Laboratories Building at Grand Valley. 2001.

William G. Jackson: enterprising scientist. Biography of Michigan scientist William G. Jackson. Jackson was a supporter of the Water Resources Institute. A GVSU research vessel is named for Jackson. 1996.

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Student Publications

Almanac. Student political and intellectual newspaper to stimulate the minds of readers. Published Oct. 26, 1977 and Nov. 8, 1977.

Amaranthus. Literary publication collecting writings, artwork, and photography submitted by students and chosen by the publication’s editors. Succeeded by Italics. 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997.

The Babylon Free-Press. Student alternative newspaper published as a collective effort by the Duck-Pond Coop. Published in 3 issues from Feb. 17, March 10, and Apr. 20, 1971.

BelletristicJournal. A forum for the creative talents of the students of GVSU. 1998.

Brickyard. Collection of student literature published by Ellipsis, a student literary organization. 1995-1996.

The Bulb. Student newsletter published by the students of the biomedical communications program after GVSC reorganization. May 1983.

Capt. Crisis Access Handbook. Contained information about what readers can do and where they can find help with life’s problems such as being evicted or job hunting. Summer 1973.

CR Views. Single issue GVSU College Republicans news and op-ed collection. October 1998.

EOS (The new Goddess of Dawn). Student alternative newspaper of opinion and communication. Published May 9, 1966.

Fishladder. A student journal of art, writing, and photography. Successor to Italics and Amaranthus. 2003-present.

Free Press. Student political newsletter published in response to the arrest of Lanthorn editor for obscenity. Published Dec. 5, 1968.

GVSC Keystone. Monthly GVSC supported student newspaper published from Nov. 22, 1963-Jan. 21, 1966. The paper was published as the GVSC Sampler on Sept. 20, 1966, then the Valley View on Oct. 28, 1966. 1963.

Grand Valley Review. 1974-present.

Grand Valley Review. Experiments in Education: The Early Years at Grand Valley, v XIII Fall 1995.

GVSC Sampler. One issue GVSC supported student newspaper published on Sept. 20, 1966. It followed The Keystone as the student paper and introduced the smaller weekly format published in October as The Valley View. 1966.

The Guardian. Student newspaper published to present responsible and objective journalism in response to the arrest of a Lanthorn editor for obscenity. Published in 4 issues from Nov. 26, 1968-Jan 23, 1969.

The Harpoon. Student satirical newspaper published to express ideas and foster student discussion. 1993-1996.

In Our Own Words. Annual journal collecting writings submitted by women at GVSU and selected for publication by Women’s Center staff. March 2003-March 2004.

Italics. Publication collecting writings, artwork, and photography submitted by GVSU students. Successor to Amaranthus, succeeded by Fishladder. 2000-2002.

The John Door. Bulletin posted periodically on residence hall restroom doors informing residents of upcoming campus events and announcements. 1972-1973.

Lanthorn, 1968-present. Student newspaper [Keystone, Sampler, Valley View]. 1963-1976, 1968-1976, 1976-1999.

The Liberator. Student alternative newspaper published to raise issues of importance to students at GVSC. Published Dec. 3, 1968 for 1 issue. 

Liberty Starts Thursday. Student arts journal. Student literary publication published as GVSCs only literary magazine. Published March 1984 for 1 issue.

Neostreet Arts. November 1982.

Nova. Student journal of opinion. Student journal of opinion. Published on Oct. 1967 for 1 issue.

Orange Rymd. Literary publication collecting writings submitted by students and chosen for publication by editors. 1973.

Our Earth Catalog. Catalog offering ideas, advice, and information on alternative lifestyle topics such as occupations, conservation, earth-friendly cooking, and holistic medicine. 1973.

The Rant. Student alternative newspaper published in 2000 as “a University Satire sponsored by: The Student Voice,” and in 2002 by and for the GVSU community serving as an open forum for ideas, news, and opinions. 2000-2002.

The Rubicon. Student alternative newspaper published as “the radical democratic voice of the student citizen.” One issue was produced in 1979 by TJC student after that program was disbanded. 1979.

The Shocker. Literary publication collecting writings and art from the “Make-It” program and via student submission.

SPNA Review. Collection of the best School of Public and Nonprofit Administration (SPNA) student papers as chosen by faculty. 2005-present.

Third Coast Poetry newsletter.

TJC Daily Gazette. Daily news bulletin meant to contain brief messages relevant to Thomas Jefferson College. September 1971-November 1976.

The Valley View. Weekly GVSC supported student newspaper published from Oct. 28, 1966 - June 6, 1968. On May 29, 1968, the editors published one issue of the Valley View News glimpse primarily to summarize election results. The paper was renamed the Lanthorn later that year. 1966-1968.

Veil. Collection of writings by members of GVSU’s Writer’s Club. 2005.

The Voice. News publication for TJC students and staff intended to act as an open forum for communication between students, faculty, and administration, as well as announcements of events and creative writing from people within TJC. 1978-1979.

Wake Up!. Student alternative newspaper published as a “non-sectarian radical underground newspaper” of art, poetry, articles, and political commentary. Self-published occasionally between Sept. 1982 – March 1985. Flyers were printed from 1984 issue. 1982-1985.

Yearbooks : Four Years Forward, 1963-1967, Yearbook, 1967-1968, GVSC’s Yearbook, 1969, GVSC Yearbook, 1970, GVSC Student Life Magazine, 1971 (a yearbook alternative), and Crosswinds, 1981.  

The Yellow Magazine. Literary publication showcasing writings, photography, and artwork from TJC students. December 1975-Spring 1978.

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The Bridge. A Career Services newsletter for faculty published bi-annually. Winter 1996-Winter 2004.

Career Newsletter. Newsletter designed to piece together current rend and interesting developments in the area of career planning. October 1974-January 1991.

CSDC Newsletter. Newsletter published to acquaint the campus community with various Counseling Student Development Center activities. 1975-April 1976.

GV Alumni Newsletter. Quarterly newsletter sent to alumni containing Grand Valley updates, reconnection and event opportunities, and other news pertinent to alumni. Fall 1983-Summer 1988.

GVSC Commentary. Occasional newsletter of the Alumni Association containing updates on newsworthy campus events. 1969-1973.

Insights. Newsletter of the GVSU Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. December 1996-January 2003.

Inter Change. Provide and coordinate leadership, programs, and services to achieve excellence for all in the teaching, learning, and application of mathematics and science. 1994-May 2006, September 2008-May 2009.

The Monday Dispatch. Newsletter containing news and announcements regarding the School of Education. Sept. 1999-June 2001.

OMA News. Biannual newsletter of the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Published once as Cultural News in 2001 by the Office of Minority Affairs/Multicultural Center. Spring 2001, winter 2004-present.

P.S.S.C. Newsletter. Newsletter for psychology students detailing upcoming P.S.S.C. events and news. November 1976-April 1977.

Reflections: Alumni Newsletter. Newsletter sent to alumni containing updates about Grand Valley, reconnection and event opportunities, and other news pertinent to alumni. Fall 1988-2001.

Third Coast Poetry Newsletter. Newsletter containing information about poetry events in Michigan and news from the TJC Poetry Center. 1976-1978.

TJC Newsletter. Bulletin from Thomas Jefferson College containing announcements, information about campus events, and other information pertaining to TJC students, alumni, and faculty. Proceeded by Bull Frog Pond. January 1974-May 1980.

Water Resources Review. Newsletter detailing findings of the Water Resources Institute and other news related to its work.

Women’s Information Bureau Newsletter. News publication put out by the Women’s Information Bureau covering local and campus news concerning issues, services, and activities pertaining to women. April 1977-April 1982.

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