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Lincoln, Civil War & Slavery

Allegory of Lincoln's Death by Meunier
The painting, Allegory of Lincoln's Death, painted by Belgian artist Constantin Meunier in 1865, adds interest to the Reading Room.

Abraham Lincoln Collection                                            

The Lincoln Collection consists of more than 5,000 books, pamphlets, broadsides, and realia on all aspects of Abraham Lincoln's life, literary works, presidential administration, and historical legacy.

Civil War Collection                                            ______

All areas of the Civil War are represented in books, maps, diaries and correspondence, including the daily life of soldiers, secession, politics, military operations, regimental histories, and Reconstruction. Manuscript holdings include:

  • John Bennitt (1830-1892). Civil War diaries and correspondence in his capacity as Surgeon in the 19th Michigan Infantry Regiment from 1862 to 1865
  • Nathan Sargent (1794-1875). Correspondence of political commentator and Lincoln supporter
  • Correspondence from soldiers and civilians
  • Muster rolls from a number of Michigan regiments

Slavery Collection                                                       _

The Slavery collection is represented by original slave inventories, bills of sale, and correspondence from Alabama, Mississippi, New York, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, and Cumberland, England.

Printed materials include Abolitionist publications, political speeches and debates, slave narratives, and pro- and anti-slavery novels.

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