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Name Title Office Phone  
Ackley, Marietta Library Specialist, Service Point, Mary Idema Pew Library 616-331-2634 View Profile
Aguilera, Oliver Library Specialist, Operations & Service Point, Evenings 616-331-2642 View Profile
Alt, Dorothy Library Acquisitions Manager 616-331-2627 View Profile
Anderson, Linda Administrative Assistant to the Dean 616-331-2606 View Profile
Armstrong, Shyceka Library Specialist, Technology Support & Service Point, Mary Idema Pew Library 616-331-9138 View Profile
Beasecker, Robert Director of Special Collections and University Archives 616-331-8556 View Profile
Beaubien, Sarah Head of Collections and Scholarly Communications 616-331-2631 View Profile
Benefiel, Annie Archivist for Collection Management 616-331-8727 View Profile
Brower, Barb Library Specialist, Government Documents Support 616-331-2632 View Profile
Burnaby, Dawn Library Specialist - Dean's Office 616-331-2659 View Profile
Cadena, Cara Liaison Librarian - Business, Steelcase Library 616-331-7337 View Profile
Clark, Isaac Library Specialist, User Experience 616-331-7333 View Profile
Daniels, Jeffrey Interim Co-Dean of University Libraries 616-331-2702 View Profile
Durham, Jason Operations Manager, Pew Campus Libraries, Grand Rapids 616-331-8725 View Profile
Duwe, Amy Library Specialist, Operations & Service Point, Mary Idema Pew Library 616-331-9139 View Profile
Felker, Kyle Digital Initiatives Librarian 616-331-5074 View Profile
Fisher, Erin Library Program Manager 616-331-3295 View Profile
Frigo, Emily Instructional Services, First Year Initiatives Coordinator 616-331-7343 View Profile
Harvey, Barbara Liaison Librarian, Sciences 616-331-5075 View Profile
Hayes, Ben Library Technical Specialist, Electronic Resources Management 616-331-2639 View Profile
Helgeson, Vicki Library Specialist, Document Delivery 616-331-2630 View Profile
Hillila, Nancy Library Specialist, Cataloging 616-331-2625 View Profile
Huber, Alicia Collections & Scholarly Communications Associate 616-331-9143 View Profile
Kishman, Patty Library Specialist, Operations & Service Point, Frey Foundation Learning Center for Health Sciences 616-331-5928 View Profile
Kohrman, Rita Liaison Librarian in Professional Programs and Curriculum Materials, Steelcase Library 616-331-2622 View Profile
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