Exam Cram 2015, April 12-21

Exam Cram 2015

Need to unwind while studying for exams? We've got you covered.

Need Caffeine? We have plenty!

Argo Tea is extending hours in Allendale.

Free coffee will be supplied downtown daily at the Steelcase Library (from 6pm until 11pm or until it's gone) and at Frey (9am until it's gone).

Free Events for All Students on the Allendale Campus (with Student ID)

We know you're studying hard for finals! Adding some yoga and massage to your routine may actually help you perform better. Learn more about the benefits of stress-reducing activities by contacting the Counseling Center, Campus Recreation and Health and Wellness.

Sunday April 12
  • Yoga & Meditation Workshop
    6-8pm @ Kelly Family Sports Building, Multipurpose Room
    Register Online
Monday April 13
  • Sleep & Stress Screening
    3-6pm @ Kirkhof Lobby 4
  • Blood Pressure Screening
    3-6pm @ Kirkhof Lounge
  • Chair Massages
    5-7pm @ Kirkhof Lounge
  • Total Body Toning
    6-6:45pm @ Field House Dance Studio
  • Yoga
    9-10pm @ Mary Idema Pew Library Multipurpose Room
Tuesday April 14
  • Therapy Dogs
    11am-1pm @ Kirkhof Lobby 1, 3, & 4
  • Insanity
    7-7:45pm @ Field House Dance Studio
  • Yoga Flow
    8-8:45pm @ Kelly Family Sports Building, Multipurpose Room
Wednesday April 15
  • Sleep & Stress Screening
    3-6pm @ Mary Idema Pew Library
  • Blood Pressure Screening
    3-6pm @ Mary Idema Pew Library
  • Chair Massages
    5-7pm @ Mary Idema Pew Library
  • Groove
    5:30-6:15pm @ Field House Dance Studio
  • Cardio & Care
    6:30-7:15pm @ Field House Dance Studio
Thursday April 16
  • Stress Management Workshop
    6-7pm @ Kirkhof 2259
  • Turbokick
    7-7:45pm @ Field House Dance Studio
Friday April 17
  • Yoga Flow
    11-11:45am @ Field House Dance Studio
Monday April 20
  • Therapy Dogs
    1-3pm @ Mary Idema Pew Library
  • Chair Massages
    2-4pm @ Mary Idema Pew Library
Tuesday April 21
  • Chair Massages
    7-9pm @ Mary Idema Pew Library

We Need Your Help!

We're looking forward to a full house at the Mary Idema Pew Library this Exam Cram! You can help make your fellow students happy by keeping as many seats open as possible and handling the furniture with care.

Want other ideas for taking care of the library? Ask Hey There Laker!

Have Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know!

Exam Cram Shout Out!

Exam Cram would not be possible without the efforts and resources of several programs on campus. We'd like to especially thank the following:

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