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Most Useful

Name Scholarly? Full-Text?
MLA International Bibliography info some n/a
Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA) info some none
Literature Criticism Online info n/a all
Literature Online (LION) info some some
Literature Resource Center (with Scribner and Twayne) info some most

Also Useful

Name Scholarly? Full-Text?
Academic Onefile (InfoTrac) info some some
Academic Search Premier (Ebsco) info some some
Annèe Philologique info some none
ARTFL info n/a all
Communication and Mass Media Complete info some some
Daily Life info n/a all
Ethnic NewsWatch info some some
Film and Television Literature Index info some some
HAPI Online (Hispanic American Periodicals Index) info some none
Hospitality & Tourism Complete info some some
Informe info some all
IPA Source info n/a all
JSTOR info most most
Latino American Experience info n/a all
New York Times (current) info n/a all
Oxford Islamic Studies Online info n/a all
Oxford Dictionaries info n/a all
Pop Culture Universe info n/a all
World Folklore and Folklife info n/a all
WorldCat info n/a n/a