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The Curriculum Materials Library (CML) is designed for use by education students and professors at Grand Valley State University.

The CML is a part of the Grand Valley State University Libraries. The function of the CML is to make a sampling of current, high-quality instructional materials, for preschool through grade 12, available for preview, review, analysis, and use. The CML serves the students and faculty in the College of Education and in other departments offering content-area courses of education. We prioritize our purchases to make sure that materials which directly support course work are available at our location, because these materials prepare students to the meet requirements of educational degrees and credentials.

There is one curriculum materials center to serve the education faculty and students at GVSU. The CML-DeVos, located in 201A DeVos, primarily serves the College of Education faculty and students located on the Pew Campus in Grand Rapids.  A limited number of textbooks and resource books is available at the Mary Idema Pew Library, 4th floor, on the Allendale Campus.

As a part of the University Library, the CML is open to all library patrons, including full-time and part-time students and faculty in all academic departments, document delivery borrowers, and Michicard patrons. Restrictions may apply to non-GVSU patrons. Services in this facility are for current students, faculty, and staff for class or department related projects only.

Reference, information services, bibliographic instructions, and tours are provided at the CML.

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Spring Break Hours
March 5, 2016 - March 13, 2016

Mon., Mar. 7 - Fri., Mar. 11
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Saturdays & Sundays
Mar. 5 & 6 -- Mar. 12 & 13

Mon., Mar. 14, 2016

Regular Semester Hours

  • Mon–Thu 9:00a–9:00p
  • Fridays 9:00a–4:30p
  • Saturdays 1:00p–5:00p
  • Sundays 1:00p–5:00p


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Borrowing Policies at GVSU Libraries

CML Reserve Requests

Reserving an Item from the Curriculum Materials Library

Because of the unique collection, students and faculty are strongly encouraged to plan ahead when using items from the CML for classroom projects or presentations. To reserve a video, puppet, or hands-on item or kit, please contact Donna Oster at osterd@gvsu.edu.

The CML Reserve Request is different than placing a hold through the other main libraries. The Library Hold Request is used when an item is checked out. When the item is returned to the Library, it will be held for you at the location you requested for pickup. The Library Course Reserve is also different from the CML Reserve Request. Course Reserve is used by faculty to place certain books or journal articles on reserve at the Circulation Desks (the Mary Idema Pew Library on the Allendale campus, Steelcase Library on the Pew Campus, and the Library desk on the Meijer Campus) or electronically for their students' use at the any GVSU Library.

Collection Policy for the CML

We prioritize our purchases to make sure that materials which directly support course work are available at our location, because these materials prepare students to meet the requirements of educational degrees and credentials.

Materials selection criteria consider the potential use of the materials on both a current and a long-term basis. Materials should receive favorable reviews in the professional literature of a given subject field or in a standard review source. Materials should also support the current courses at GVSU.

Suggestions for purchase by faculty and students are followed up with a review search, if at all possible. Choice of each item is based on its relationship to the CML collections and its contribution to stated collection development policies. Our Collection Policy is available online.

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If faculty would like to bring classes to the CML, we will be glad to arrange an orientation of the facility. We offer several types of orientations, depending on the needs of the students and class objectives.

  • A general orientation of a CML takes about 30-45 minutes. An explanation of the book collection, videos, and teaching aids available for checkout and the proper use of the educational equipment is included. Questions are encouraged from your students.
  • Orientations are designed around the specific needs of the class.
  • If faculty would like the class to do a project as a part of the visit, we will design the orientation around the specific resources you have in mind.
  • If faculty would like the students to also receive library research instructions at the Steelcase Library, a combination orientation can be arranged.

Orientations involving a project or a combination orientation of the libraries takes more time. We try to work within the time constraints.

Orientation Policies

  • Orientations are to be scheduled at least one week in advance.
  • Faculty must attend the orientation with their class.
  • Orientations are scheduled according to the convenience of the CML staff.

Virtual Tours

Here are 8 different videos that will increase your knowledge of the Curriculum Materials Library.

For more information, contact us via telephone or email:  Donna Oster 616.331.7084,  osterd@gvsu.edu; or Rita Kohrman 616.331.2622, kohrmanr@gvsu.edu.

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Contact Us

Rita Kohrman, Education Resources Librarian
Steelcase Library
401 West Fulton
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

616.331.7340 (fax)

Donna Oster, Library Specialist
Curriculum Materials Library-DeVos
201A DeVos
401 West Fulton St.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

616.331.7340 (fax)

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Directions to the Pew campus and the CML-DeVos:
Click here for directions to the Pew Campus. CML-D is located in room 201A, on the second floor of Building A, directly above Steelcase Library, right by the clock tower.

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Page last modified February 3, 2016