Liberal Studies Video Spotlights

Liberal Studies students take a wide variety of courses across the disciplines at Grand Valley State University. 
Each course, whether selected for the Area of Focus or Contextual Electives, is carefully chosen by individual students
in coordination with their advisor, meaning that no two study plans or Area of Focus are the same.

These spotlights will give you a glimpse of the options afforded by the flexibility of the Liberal Studies Degree. 

Carlton (Trey) Sumner

Masculinity Studies & Gender Equality

Whitney Belprez

Religion, Culture, & Society

Eva Pena

Leadership & Hispanic Studies

Marina Gallant

Health & Wellness in Society

Molly Batchik

Creativity & Culture

Kathryn Smidstra

Education, Philosophy, & Religion

Darris Sawtelle

Ethics in Society

Lisa Hackney

Business Leadership & Human Resources

Victoria VanDragt

Intra & Interpersonal Relationship Studies

Jakia Fuller

Religion, Culture, & Nonprofit Leadership

Dmitri Westbrook

Breaking Systems of Oppression

Jen Shaneberger

International Planning & Social Justice


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