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Desk Copy Requests

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Please place your course book orders through the VerbaCollect website. The request form above is for desk copies only.


Computer Lab Requests

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Grading Info (Midterm and Final)

Grade Entry

  • Banner Grade Entry Job Aid - This job aid provides helpful information on mid-term and final grade entry. 
  • Midterm and final grades must be entered in myBanner. Please login at the beginning of the semester to insure you have the appropriate login information.

      - Midterm grades are due on Tuesday, October 20th by noon. This is a firm deadline.
Final grades are due on Tuesday, December 22nd by noon. This is a firm deadline. 

  • If you plan to leave town or sign off of email after entering grades, please email Marion Mathisen (mathisem@gvsu.edu) to confirm your grades have been recorded and saved. 
  • Email notifications will be sent beginning on the Friday prior to the submission deadline. If you receive an email indicating grades are missing please check your grade entry missing grades or contact Marion to confirm all grades have been recorded and saved.

Last Date of Academic Activity

Last Date of Academic Activity (LDAA) is required for students receiving a final grade of "F" or "NC." 

Approximately one week prior to the final grade entry deadline, instructors will receive a listing of LDAA dates, defining a date for students who never attended class and a date for students who attended regularly. This document can also be found at the bottom of the Last Date of Academic Activity Process page

If a student stops attending class at a different point in the term, please enter the last date of their activity, defined as the following:

  • Physically attending a class
  • Submitting an academic assignment either in class or on Blackboard
  • Taking a quiz or an exam
  • Attending a study group that is assigned by the institution
  • Participating in an online discussion

Incomplete Grade Policy

Incomplete grades are given only in extenuating circumstance and must first be approved by the unit head

Brooks College Incomplete Policy

Criteria for requesting the grade of “INCOMPLETE”
The grade of I, Incomplete, indicates that a student was doing satisfactory work, but due to non-academic reasons beyond the student’s control, the student was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. The grade of I is only appropriate when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The student is doing satisfactory work in the course.
  2. The unfinished requirements can be clearly delineated. 3. The unfinished requirements constitute a relatively small part of the course (30% or less).
  3. The student has justifiable reason(s) why the work cannot be completed on schedule (documentation is required).
  4. The student arranges with the instructor to finish the work for the course by a date specified by the instructor on the form in the comments section.
  5. Forms must be submitted to the department chair prior to submission to the Dean’s Office.

A grade of I that is not converted to another grade during the next semester of attendance or within one calendar year (whichever comes first) will be changed to the grade F.

End of Term Evaluations

End of term evaluations are completed online. Students access the evaluation through their personal Blackboard login. 

  • Evals will be launched approximately 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester.
  • Students will see a link to the course evaluation under       "My Courses."
  • The eval cannot be accessed more than one time. 

Please contact mathisem@gvsu.edu with questions or concerns.

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdrawal with a "W" until mid-semester (see exact dates here)

Students wishing to withdrawal after the "W" deadline must provide the following to the Student Academic Success Center:

1. Explanation of appeal
2. Registration and Drop/Add Form signed by their professor and department chair
3. At least one statement of support from the professor or department chair