Visual Studies

Visual Studies courses are offered by the Art Department, but are designed to address specific studio areas in contemporary art practice, but also welcome students from other disciplines in a serious studio experience. 

For the course schedule and advice on enrolling in Visual Studies courses, see the Visual Studies advising page.


Visual Studies courses:
Civic Studio ART 391
Visual art methods are used to study, form, and present art in public contexts. Includes the development of a project site, individual and collaborative work, and service learning. The studio operates “in public” presenting lectures, visual displays, and public gatherings. Offered every 3rd semester (fall/winter). 
General Education Issues Course: Identity.
Prerequisite: Junior standing

Curatorial Studio ART 392
Exploration of presentational and critical practice and the theoretical discourse specific to such practice within a studio context. This involves the curation (study and creation of visual presentations) in exhibitions or projects. Offered every 3rd semester(fall/winter). Register for Curatorial Studio
General Education Issues Course: Info, Innovation, Tech. 
Prerequisite: Junior standing

Image Studio ART 393
Exploration of the creation, use, and presentation of images and the theoretical discourse specific to such practices within a studio context. The studio incorporates uses of current image creation and presentation technologies. Register for Image Studio

Prerequisite: Instructor Permission

Interactive Studio ART 394
The study and creation of art works in which the audience is involved in an interactive exchange. Media explored include interactive situations, community collaborations, social/political interactions, and current electronic interactive interfaces.

Prerequisite: Instructor Permission

Space Studio ART 395
The creation of site-specific works based in the primary form and experience of space typically referred to as 'Installations'. The studio includes considerations of space, site, installation, public art, presentational practices and the related theoretical discourse within a studio context. Offered every 3rd semester(fall/winter). Register for Space Studio

Prerequisite: Instructor Permission

Time Studio ART 396
Exploration of temporal and presentational practices and the theoretical discourse specific to such practices within a studio context. Time-based works include time and change as central elements. This includes ephemeral and kinetic objects, performance, sound works, and works incorporating moving images. Register for Time Studio

Prerequisite: Instructor Permission


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