Facilitated by Ignacio Rivera and Amelie Zurn

Friday, September 13th, 1 - 4 p.m.

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Maximum capacity: 200

Lets talk about sex! What are we doing in bed and why does it matter? How have we shaped our desires? How have our desires shaped us? How can the personal claiming of desire foster more consensual sexual communities? This three-hour workshop invites participants to explore their relationships with their desires, past and present, as well as how those desires fit into a broader landscape of society with the complexities of gender, race, class, ability, etc. Mapping Desire invites you to explore your sex and desire biography and to map the territory of a fully empowered sexuality.

Connections to the Classroom

LIB 100/201 Approved

Facilitator Bio: Ignacio Rivera

Ignacio Rivera is a queer, trans, two-Spirit, Black-Boricua Taíno, performance artist, activist, filmmaker, lecturer and sex educator who prefers the gender neutral pronoun they. Ignacio has been sharing spoken word, one-person shows, and storytelling internationally. Ignacio has over 20 years experience on multiple fronts including economic justice, anti-racist and anti-imperialist work, as well feminist and LGBTQ movements. Ignacios body of work has focused on gender and sexuality; specifically on queer, trans, kink and sexual liberation issues within a race/class dynamic. Ignacio has traveled worldwide as a speaker, educator and performer and locally is a founding board member of Queers for Economic Justice. Ignacio is currently the manager of the Arcus Center for Social Justice leadership at Kalamazoo College and the Project Specialist for the Global Transgender Project.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will investigate the origins of their desires.
  • Participants will explore how they might define a fully empowered sexuality.
  • Participants will examine how their desires are impacted by complexities such as race, class, ability, gender.

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