Let Me Make Myself Perfectly Queer: A Celebration of National Coming Out Day

Friday, October 11th at 7 p.m. - Thornapple Room, Kirkhof Center

Join us as we celebrate National Coming Out Day with food, community and an open mic to share proud declarations of authentic selves.


National Coming Out Day, October 11, marks the 1987 March on Washington and the first visit of the AIDS Memorial Quilt to Washington, D.C. For many queer people, “coming out” is a dynamic and ongoing process. An act of “coming out” is not the end or even the beginning of how queer people navigate the interwoven norms of gender and sexuality. Some queer people may choose language from a rich history of terms, some create new terms or combinations of terms, and some refuse labels and categories altogether. Naming oneself is not for the benefit or comfort of other people, it is an act of self-determination. Let Me Make Myself Perfectly Queer is an opportunity to celebrate authentic declarations of self!

Page last modified October 8, 2013