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We need facilitators!

Position: Student Group Facilitator

Description: We are looking for a few talented and energetic students to co-facilitate in three of our amazing student groups during the 2017-18 academic year! These are paid positions, so you must be eligible to work on campus and enrolled in classes.

Facilitators for L&Q work closely with the Graduate Assistant to plan, develop, and facilitate weekly evening group meetings. We are looking for two student facilitators who would be excited to develop educational content and community-building activities for their peers and to take on a visible leadership role in the LGBTQIA+ student community on campus. 

We are also looking for one co-facilitator for T2, our group for students who are transgender, non-binary, or questioning their gender, and one co-facilitator for Ace of Clubs, our group for students on the asexual and aromantic spectrums. The new co-facilitators for these groups will identify in those communities and work closely with the continuing facilitators to plan and support group meetings. 

How to apply: Express your interest in facilitating any of the above by filling out the Student Facilitator Interest Form

Questions?: Contact Marla Wick at wickm@gvsu.edu

Applications close 4/21/16! 

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FQA Group Photo


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SIGN-UP for First-year Queer Alliance!

The mission of First-year Queer Alliance is to support first-year LGBTQIA+ and allied students to develop strategies for a successful first year by creating a connection to GVSU, the LGBT Resource Center, and the queer and allied community.

Through participating in FQA, students will…

  • be acclimated and connected to the GVSU community and the LGBT Resource Center
  • be empowered to lead authentic lives
  • learn skills to build lasting healthy relationships
  • develop strategies for a successful first year

FQA meets Mondays at 8pm in the LGBT Resource Center, 1161 Kirkhof. Sign up through orgsync to get email updates!

SIGN-UP for our Loud & Queer email list!

The mission of Loud & Queer is to empower second-year and beyond LGBT and allied students to lead authentic lives, to challenge systems of gender and sexuality, and to work for social justice by fostering a community of learning, celebration and solidarity.

L&Q is for LGBTQIA+ and allied students who are interested in building community, connecting with the LGBT Resource Center and exploring how the systems of gender and sexuality impact their lived experiences.

Through participation in L&Q students will…

  • connect to the LGBT Resource Center 
  • build community with peer students
  • learn skills for self-care, healthy relationships, academic success and life after graduation
  • develop a greater understanding of the systems of gender and sexuality

L&Q meets Mondays at 9pm in the LGBT Resource Center. Sign up through orgsync to receive meeting updates! 

Loud & Queer

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Click on the icon to learn more about T2!

T2: Trans & Non-binary Student Group

This weekly group is a place for Trans and Non-binary students, as well as anyone who is questioning or exploring their gender, to safely and freely express themselves.


Meetings include discussions, games, educational sessions and community building.


T2 meets on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. in the LGBT Resource Center.

Ace of Clubs: Asexual & Aromantic Student Group

This is a group for all GVSU students who identify on the asexual or aromantic spectrums.


Meetings include discussion, activities, and an overall supporting community.


Ace of Clubs meets on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 9:00 p.m. in the LGBT Resource Center.

Ace of Clubs

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50 Best LGBT Friendly Colleges and Universities

We're #37! 

From the website: 

"GVSU features the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center. The Center is staffed by a full-time director, assistant director and program coordinator. Added to the staff are a graduate assistant, 6 student aids, and a 23-member advisory council. With a vision that includes a strong focus on social justice the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center leaders believe that 'the current economic system does not serve the interests of the majority of people and that economic justice must be part of all our social justice work for the future'".

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