Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GVSU a welcoming place for LGBT students?
During the summer of 2009, Grand Valley State University participated in the LGBT Friendly Campus Climate Index and received 5 out of 5 star rating. Only 47 campuses nation-wide have a five-star rating. Though there is always more to do, GVSU has made great strides and can be counted among the most friendly schools in the nation for the LGBT community.

2. What opportunities exist at GVSU for LGBT people?
There are many opportunities here for LGBT students and their allies. Out n About, our Gay Straight Alliance serves the student body as a place for support and socializing.

There are also over 200 student organizations at GVSU, which are open and affirming as well. For additional opportunities, check out our programming!

3 . Is there special support for LGBT people?
The LGBT Resource Center is part of "3 Centers: 1 Vision" with the Women's Center and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. These offices along with our Disabilities Support Services offer support for the complex identities of our students.

In addition to the services these offices offer, we have an LGBT Support Group which meets weekly during the academic year.

4. Does GVSU offer benefits for the partners of LGBT faculty and staff?
Yes. As of 2008, GVSU offers Household Member benefits.

5. Are there scholarships for LGBT students?
Yes. We have two LGBT scholarships in place.

The GVSU Faculty-Staff LGBT Scholarship was created by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) faculty and staff at Grand Valley State University and by others who are supportive of LGBT students.
The West Shore AWARE Scholarship was created by West Shore AWARE, a philanthropic organization of gay men and women striving to create a positive image by working for the community in which they live.

Please visit the scholarship page for additional information.