Steering Committee


The steering committee serves as the guiding arm of the LGBT FSA. Elections are held at then end of each Winter Semester.

From left to right, the current (2012 - 2013) steering members are: Shawn T. Bible, Gary Van Harn, Kim Ranger, Kyle Felker, Meg Woller-Skar, Forrest Clift and Jerrod Nickels.

To contact the Steering Committee members, please email us at:


Founding Advisory Committee Members:

Cheryl Bourdeaux Sociology
Milt Ford Liberal Studies
Carol (Griff) Griffin Biology
Cindy Mader College of Education
Henry Matthews Director of Galleries and Collections
Maggie McCrystal Director of Staff Relations
Diana Pace Associate Dean of Students
Kim Ranger University Libraries
Neal Rogness Statistics
Star Swift Management, Seidman College of Business
Gary Van Harn Padnos International Center
Laurie Witucki Chemistry
Wendy Wenner Dean, College of Interdisciplinary Studies


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