Community Engagement

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission (the purpose, our reason for being):
Community Engagement builds communities of lifelong learners.

Vision (our preferred future):
Community Engagement is working and learning collaboratively with our constituents to create mutually beneficial relationships. It is an interactive process that is connected to the scholarship, research, or creative activities of the University. Authentic engagement inspires action and transforms culture.

Values (what guides our actions):

  • Being Collaborative in Nature
  • Being Purposeful, Intentional
  • Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  • Inspired Action, Being a Catalyst
  • Addressing Critical Societal Needs
  • Improving Community Well-Being
  • Being Connected to Scholarship
  • Interdisciplinary Cooperation

Goals and Strategy (what it will take to realize the vision):

Goal 1: Connect the existing resources of the Community and University in ways that are connected to the scholarship, research, or creative activity of the University.

Strategy: Leverage local assets/resources.

Goal 2: Work and Learn collaboratively with the community to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Strategy: Engage with the community in order to serve them in ways that all value.

Goal 3: Inspire action and transform culture.

Strategy: Build communities of lifelong learners who are inspired to take action.

Page last modified February 26, 2008