Leadership University

The Five Stars

The Star System

Students are awarded a “star” each time they complete a series of three leadership activities- one falling into each category: lives, professions, and societies.  

In order to complete the Leadership University program, a student will need to earn 4 stars by completing 12 total activities.  

The fifth star is awarded automatically at a ceremony during the student's semester of graduation. 


  1. Student completes a leadership activity that fits the lives, professions, or societies component of Grand Valley’s mission statement.
  2. Students write an e-portfolio reflection on their experience.
  3. Students submit their activity reflection to be approved by their mentor through the Leadership University website.
  4. Students will repeat steps 1-3 until they have completed an activity in lives, professions, and societies and submitted a separate reflection for each.  They will then earn their first “star”!
  5. Students will repeat the process until they have earned 4 stars. They will be awarded their fifth star at a recognition ceremony during their semester of recognition.  
Mentors and students can view their “Star Progress” through the Leadership University website.  


Page last modified May 13, 2014