Leadership University

The First Assignment

The First Assignment is designed to orient you to Leadership University and give focus to your participation. To complete the assignment, please:

  1. Read the Five Reasons to Participate in Leadership University and the Student Guide.
  2. Read About Leadership University and browse Partner sites.
  3. Login as a student on Leadership University and browse the tabs to familiarize yourself with the site.
  4. If you have not selected your mentor through the Leadership University website already, click your Mentors tab to find and request your mentor.
  5. Under the Opportunities tab, find "The First Assignment" and Add it to your schedule.
  6. Find "The First Assignment" under the My Schedule tab, click Submit, and submit to your mentor your first reflection answering the following questions:

    - Why are you participating in Leadership University?
    - What do you hope to accomplish?
    - Which partner organizations and types of opportunities will help you progress toward your goals?

  7. Finally, read about the e-Portfolio requirement and consider starting to build your site soon!

Page last modified August 17, 2011