Leadership University

Student Guide

Who can join?

All undergraduate and graduate students at Grand Valley State University.


How do I join?

1. Sign In to Sign Up: Click Student Login in the navigation menu and use your GVSU username and password to get started.

2. Add a Mentor: Under your Mentor tab, click "request mentor" beside the faculty/staff member of your choice OR Enter a faculty/staff member's email address to request a mentor who is not on the list. Set up an initial Meet and Greet with your mentor, then meet with your mentor at least once each semester.

3. Build a Schedule: Under your Opportunities tab, browse and add opporunities to your Schedule. Opportunities are broken into three Categories and a multiplicity of Program Types.

4. Get to Work: Follow through on your schedule and submit Reflections to your mentor for approval, and accumulate Points toward the completion of the program.

5. Build a Portfolio: As you progress, you must create an e-Portfolio. It's fast, free, and easy to use. Migrate your reflections, showcase your accomplishments, and adjust privacy settings as needed.

6. Learn More: Attend Leadership University's optional Orientation events. Dates, Times, Locations TBA.



What do I do with a Mentor?

All students who participate in Leadership University work closely with a mentor from start to finish.

A mentor can be your advisor and sounding board, but for the sake of this program your mentor will also read your reflections and approve your point earnings.

Learn more about the mentor-mentee relationship.


What kinds of Opportunities will I find?

Leadership University consists of leadership training, speaker series, and experiences offered by departments, offices, and centers across Grand Valley's campuses.

You have access to leadership development opportunities every day of the week, with philosophies and methodologies as diverse as the university itself.

Maximize the value of your time at Grand Valley by getting involved before your classes, after your classes, and all times in between.

Learn about Laker Leadership Programs and the Cook Leadership Academy.


What should I write in my Reflections?

Leadership development opportunities are only as valuable as the lessons you take away from them. Reflections are your opportunity to solidify what you've learned and consider how you will apply it to your life and work.

You are asked to take a moment after each program and answer three questions: What? So what? Now what?

In other words, what was the program and its purpose? Why was it relevant to you? And how will it change your future thinking and/or behavior?


What are the Categories and Program Types?

Leadership University is tied directly to Grand Valley's mission statement: "educating students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies."

To complete Leadership University, you must take part in development opportunities that fall into three different categories: personal (shaping lives), professional (shaping professions), and civic (shaping societies).

Within each category, development opportunities are broken down further into specific types of programs -- lectures, certificate programs, service projects, etc. -- to give you a better sense of what they entail.


How does the Points system work?

Points in Leadership University are pre-assigned to types of leadership development opportunities based on the degree of time, effort, and initiative required.

To complete Leadership University, you must earn four stars at a rate of 20 points each.

A fifth star is awarded automatically with a challenge to go out and earn it in the real world after your time at Grand Valley is complete.

Learn the story behind Leadeship University's signature points system.


What should be included in my e-Portfolio?

Leadership University e-Portfolios on WordPress are your opportunity to showcase reflections as blog posts.

You will also build pages that highlight your education to date, achievements, and qualifications.

It should be a marketable expression of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have gained during your time at Grand Valley and in Leadership University.

Learn more about e-Portfolios.


Questions or Problems

Contact Student Life: (616) 331-2345 or leadership@gvsu.edu

Page last modified August 28, 2013