Leadership University

Reasons to Participate


Stand Out

Leadership University provides students the opportunity to stand out! With a unique online portfolio students will have the ability to share with the world their leadership experiences both on campus and in the community.  Leadership University is a great place to showcase your resume, personal leadership philosophy, and talents!


Develop Strong Relationships

Students will select a faculty or staff mentor to work with throughout the duration of their Leadership University experience. This mentor is someone who will help guide you both personally and professionally. Having a strong mentor relationship will help make your time at Grand Valley successful. Developing this strong relationship will help as you transition to forming more relationships across campus.  


Gain Real World Experience

Leadership University allows students to participate in a variety of activities. By joining Leadership University you will have the resources to attend events that will help prepare you for the real world. With so many wonderful resources, the possibilities for your future are endless!


Land Jobs and Internships

Being able to show prospective employers an online portfolio of your experiences is a great way to stand out in the crowd. Leadership University gives Grand Valley students the edge they need to make it in today’s competitive market. Leadership University is a way to show employers just what you’re about!


Take a Stand

Students passionate about making change on campus need to look no further than Leadership University. Our program gives students the ability to share their experiences while working to educate the student body on the issues they are passionate about. Leadership University is the perfect platform for enacting change. 

Page last modified March 22, 2016