Leadership University

Five Reasons to Participate

1. To Build Students Up

Success in the classroom is an enormous source of confidence for students.

Consistent and meaningful engagement with faculty mentors outside of the classroom can take that confidence to the next level, and motivate students to reach their highest potential.

Leadership University is an opportunity to develop fulfilling mentor-mentee relationships with one or a few students -- relationships that boost academic performance and self esteem -- or to lend focus to existing relationships.


2. To Further Invest In Our Future

Mentoring under a world-class faculty is precisely the kind of high-impact experience that prepares students for the complexity they will face in life and their careers.

It has the potential to enhance global awareness, improve citizenship, and promote the development of crucial leadership skills.

Leadership University is another opportunity for you to invest in our students' future and ours.


3. To Share Your Wisdom and Experience

You share your disciplinary, instructional knowledge with students every day of the week, but you don't often have opportunities to share your broader wisdom and experience.

Students are eager to learn more from their faculty, about how they live their lives, build their careers, and engage their communities -- locally, nationally, and globally.

Leadership University is an opportunity to share your lifetime of learning.


4. To Connect Meaningfully Outside of the Classroom

Student learning doesn't begin and end according to the annual class schedule, and your teaching doesn't have to either.

All over campus, faculty and staff guide students beyond academics, and assist them in co-curricular learning.

Leadership University is an opportunity to make personal and profound connections with a few members of the rising generation who are driven to achieve beyond their degree.


5. To Be Recognized for Work You're Already Doing!

You are already mentoring! Be recognized!

Whether you are directing student research, sponsoring student organizations, or doing intensive advising, you are already having an impact on lives outside of the classroom.

Be recognized for this good work, and help build a culture of vibrant faculty-student engagement at Grand Valley State University.


Page last modified August 17, 2011