Leadership University

Mentor Guide

Who can join?

All faculty and staff members at Grand Valley State University


How do I join?

1. Sign In to Sign Up: Click Mentor Login in the navigation menu and use your GVSU username -- without the department container (smithj not smithj.admin) -- and password to get started.

2. Make Yourself Available: Signing in will automatically add your name to a Request Mentor list, accessible by students seeking a mentor.

3. Show Off a Little: Tell students about yourself by completing the My Profile form under your Profile tab.

4. Add a Student: Under your Students tab you will see a list of "Students Without a Mentor." You may choose to click the green/white plus icon beside a student of your choice OR you may wait to be approached by a student.

5. Meet With Your Student: Your student will set up a Meet and Greet to discuss their goals and expectations for the program.

6. Get Started: Give the First Assignment to your student, but make conversations with your student as broad as your comfort level allows.

7. Keep Up!: Each semester, be prepared to read and approve or deny between three and eight 3-paragraph reflections per student, viewable under your Reviews tab.

8. Learn More: Attend Leadership University's optional Orientation events (dates, times, locations TBA).



What is a mentor's Role in Leadership University?

Mentors are asked to serve as a sounding board and advisor for their students.

They are also asked to monitor their students' participation in leadership development opportunities by reviewing brief, 3-paragraph reflection papers that are submitted through this website.

Mentors provide feedback on student reflections and approve or deny points that are awarded to students who take part in development opportunities and offer thoughtful reflections.


How many Students should I work with?

The number of mentees you work with should be low: 1-5 students total.


How much of a Time commitment is involved?

Students are asked to meet with their mentor once each semester during their average 2-year participation in Leadership University.

Depending on which opportunities they choose to pursue, they will be required to complete between 20 and 30 3-paragraph reflection papers.

The amount of time you devote is ultimately at your discretion, but it could range from eight to fifteen hours per student each academic year.


What is the purpose of the First Assignment?

The First Assignment is designed to (1) give focus to your student's participation in Leadership University, (2) encourage your student to login and learn to use the website, and (3) provide a topic of conversation for your first meeting with your student.


What Criteria should I use in evaluating my student's reflections?

Your student's 3-paragraph reflection papers should answer three questions: What? So what? Now what?

In other words, reflections should give you a sense of each leadership development opportunity's purpose, the relevance to your student's learning, and the impact on your student's thinking and behavior.

"Approved" reflections should make clear that your student did indeed participate in the development opportunity, and demonstrate learning and serious reflection.


Questions or Problems

Contact Student Life: (616) 331-2345 or leadership@gvsu.edu

Page last modified August 28, 2013