Leadership University

Five Reasons to Participate

1. To Promote Your Programs

Like departments, offices, and centers across the university, you have developed programs that help shape our students and their approaches to leadership.

Lecture and seminar series, training and certificate programs, campus and community service opportunities -- all contribute to the rounding out of their education.

Leadership University is an opportunity to get word out about your programs, incentivize participation, and grow your audience.


2. To Improve Your Programs

We all seek feedback on our programs, and opportunities to discover whether students are learning what we expect them to learn.

Leadership University requires students to write 3-paragraph reflections on each leadership development opportunity in which they participate.

Reflections on your events will be shared with you anonymously so you can continue to improve and adapt your programs to student needs.


3. To Contribute to a Culture of Diversity and Engagement

One of the great strengths of co-curricular leadership education at Grand Valley is the diversity of philosophies and methodologies students can access.

No single department or office shapes the lessons learned. Instead, there is a multiplicity of options for students to explore.

Leadership University is your opportunity to contribute to that multiplicity and help build a culture of engagement on campus and in the community.


3. To Fulfill Grand Valley's Mission

Grand Valley's mission -- "educating students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies" -- is at heart a leadership mission.

It challenges students to be a force for positive change in the world.

Leadership University is built around this mission, and it is an opportunity for you to create programs that help students grow personally, professionally, and civically as they prepare for future leadership roles.


4. To Distinguish Grand Valley

More than any other college or university in the state, Grand Valley is now prepared to distinguish itself as the Leadership University in Michigan.

Grounded in a strong liberal arts education, our students are driven to achieve beyond their degree through full-engagement in the Laker experience.

Dozens of departments, offices, and centers are dedicated to developing a new generation of leaders. Yours can be one of them.

Page last modified August 4, 2011