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Mentor Frequently Asked Questions 



1.| How many students can I mentor? 

It is up to you how many students you choose to mentor.  When you log in as a mentor on the Leadership University website, you can select the number of students you would like to mentor under the "Settings" tab.  We recommend mentoring no more than 5 students in order to be able to devote appropriate attention to each student.  
2.| What is the time commitment associated with being a Leadership University Mentor? 
The time commitment associated with being a Leadership University mentor is minimal.  Leadership University is driven by the student, with mentors serving as a guide and trusted resource.  Mentors and students are expected to maintain monthly email communication and meet face-to-face once each semester.  Mentors will also need to review student reflections as they are submitted.  Outside of these responsibilities, no extra time is required. 
3.| What criteria should I use in evaluating students' reflections? 
Student reflections should be evaluated based on how well they describe the activity, what was learned and how their future thinking will be impacted.  Reflections should also explain whether the activity fits in to the lives, professions, or societies category.  See the Mentor Manual for more detailed information on how to evaluate reflections.  
4.| How long should it take for a student to complete the entire program? 
We estimate that the program will take approximately two years to complete, however, it really depends upon the student.  The student decides how frequently he or she completes activities.  The twelve total activities required to complete Leadership University could be extended over four years at Grand Valley or completed in a much shorter amount of time.  Keep in mind these activities could be something with which the student is already involved.  
5.|What if my student stops participating or rarely completes activities? 
If your student isn't communicating with you or completing activities, please try to get in touch with him or her to encourage participation.  Share your concerns and try to suggest activities that would be beneficial for that student.  However, it is ultimately up to the student to take the initiative to complete the program.  
6.| Who do I contact with questions?  
If you or your student has questions throughout your Leadership University experience, contact the Leadership University Coordinators in the Office of Student Life: 616-331-2345 or leadership@gvsu.edu 

Page last modified May 12, 2014