Leadership University


Frequently Asked Questions 



1.| Can anyone participate in Leadership University? 

Yes, any student in good standing by university standards is able to apply for the 
Leadership University Program. We encourage students to be engaged members 
of their communities in order for the program to be successful.
2.| Can Seniors participate in Leadership University? 
Yes, as stated previously, any student with good standing in the university is 
eligible to participate. Seniors will be able to retroactively pull from events they 
have attended in the past in order to create their portfolio. 
3.| What is the time commitment associated with Leadership University? 
If you’re a leader, it’s more than likely you have already committed the majority 
of time needed to be successful in the program! Aside from the events you are 
already engaged in, Leadership University requires participants to attend both the 
annual reception and a face-to-face meeting with their mentor each semester
4.| Can anyone be my mentor? 
Leadership University allows for a wide array of individuals to serve as mentors. 
However, mentors must be professional resources such as advisors, 
administrators, professors, or committed supervisors to whom you’ve developed 
a professional relationship with.
5.| How many activities must I participate in to finish Leadership   University? 
In total, students will need to complete 12 activities throughout the course of the program. These activities are self selected and have a wide range of application for students. However, each activity must fit one of the "lives,professions, or societies" criteria. 
6.| What if I've never blogged or done professional writing? 
It doesn’t matter! Students will be given a plethora of resources to enhance both 
their portfolios and writing capabilities. Students will work with their mentors and 
peers to enhance the development of their portfolios. 
7.| What is the benefit of participating? 
Students participating in Leadership University will have the opportunity to 
distinguish themselves for future employers, recruiters, and graduate schools. 
Being a part of Leadership University distinguishes you as a leader and allows 
you to grow your personal and professional development. 

Page last modified March 12, 2014