Leadership University

Student E-Portfolios


Creating an e-portfolio gives students a way to create a unique virtual showcase of their leadership experiences.

Students will be required to create an e-portfolio using the online blogging site, WordPress (wordpress.com).  Each time a student completes a leadership activity, he or she will write a reflection and add it to his or her e-portfolio.  The e-portfolio will grow over time as the student continues to participate in activities and write reflections.  When complete, it will become a marketable tool in the job search process, showcasing the knowledge, skills, and achievements gained during the student’s years at Grand Valley. 

Students are encouraged to make their e-portfolios unique by adding photographs and supplemental documents.  They may wish to add information about themselves, their education and goals.  As students near graduation, it would be beneficial to upload a resume, references, past projects, etc.  


View example e-portfolios with the links below:

Jesi Parker


Justin Gray

Page last modified May 13, 2014