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Evaluating Reflections

Each time a student completes an activity, he or she will write a brief, three-paragraph reflection and add it to his or her e-portfolio.  The student will then submit a link to the e-portfolio reflection to the mentor through the Leadership University website. 


Viewing Reflections

The mentor will be notified via email when a new reflection is ready to be viewed.  This email will contain a link to the activity details and e-portfolio URL. 

Reflections can also be viewed by logging in to the Leadership University website.  After logging in, click the “Reviews” tab across the top of the page.  A list of your “Pending Reviews” will be displayed. 



Evaluating Reflections

Mentors are asked to monitor their students’ participation in leadership development activities by reviewing brief, three-paragraph reflections that are posted to students’ WordPress e-portfolios.  Mentors provide feedback on student reflections.  They then either approve the reflection or ask the student to make improvements.


Students’ reflections should be approximately three paragraphs in length.  The paragraphs should answer the three questions: “What?”, “So What?”, and “Now What?” In other words, reflections should give the reader a sense of each leadership development activity’s purpose, the relevance to the student’s learning, and the impact on their thinking and behavior.  It should also be clear whether this activity falls under the lives, professions, or societies category.

Use the chart on below as a guide to help in evaluating student reflections.






Is the reflection an appropriate length? (Approximately 3 paragraphs)

Is the reflection clearly written and free of spelling and grammatical errors?




Does this section objectively describe the activity?



So What?

Does this section explain what the student learned? 



Now What?

Does this section explain how the student will think or act in the future as a result of this experience?



Lives, Professions, Societies

Does the reflection clearly explain which category this experience fits into and how it affected their leadership skills in the chosen category?





Providing Feedback

After reading your student’s reflection, decide whether or not this reflection should receive credit.


  • If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions, provide feedback in the box provided on the website and choose “Approve”. 
  • Your feedback will be submitted to the student and he or she will receive credit for this activity, moving closer to earning a star.        



  • If you answered “no” to any of these questions, provide feedback regarding what needs to be changed in the box provided on the website and choose “Amend”. 
  • Your feedback will be submitted to the student and he or she will need to make the changes you suggested. 
  • The student will not receive credit for this activity until he or she makes changes and re-submits the reflection to you for evaluation.  

Page last modified May 13, 2014