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Effective vs. Ineffective Mentoring Behaviors



Advisor: Sounding board, facilitator

Rescuer: Problem fixer, assumes responsibility

Protector: Supports, is a safety net

Bodyguard: Fights a student's battles, overprotective

Coach: Provides structure, gives feedback and direction

Svengali: Dictates, controls learning

Diamond Cutter: Suggests, polishes rough edges

Mechanic: Wants a quick fix, insensitive to self-esteem

Broker: Identifies resources, develops

Buck-Passer: Abdicates, doesn't follow up

Challenger: Positively provokes, pushes toward higher standards

Adversary: Pushes too far too soon, always play's devil's advocate

Clarifier: Teaches professional values

Minesweeper: Removes obstacles so student doesn't have to deal with them

Affirmer: Gives needed support, enhances self-esteem

Smotherer: Gives too much feedback, discounts student's feelings or concerns


Resource: Exelon Mentoring Kit

Page last modified May 12, 2014