Leadership University



Through Leadership University, students will create online portfolios utilizing the free, online blogging site, WordPress.com. Students will use these portfolios to document their leadership activities through written reflections. Each time a student completes an activity they wish to put towards Leadership University, they will submit a reflection to their mentor through the Leadership University website. The reflections will then be reviewed for publication onto the students WordPress e-portfolio. These reflections provide a dynamic and substantive way for students to distinguish themselves and highlight their high impact experiences. Below are examples: 


Jesi Parker 

Justin Gray 



Written Reflections 


Reflections serve as the backbone of Leadership University. They are the way in which students work to distinguish themselves while also continuing to grow their mentor relationship. When students are writing reflections they should be utilizing the "What, So What, Now What?" Model.  Students who wish to see an example should reference page 11 of the Student Manual located here as well as under the Student Manual tab on the left hand side of our homepage.


"What, So What, Now What?" Method 


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