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Connecting with Students

Connecting with a Leadership University student


Do you want to become a Leadership University Mentor, but don't have a student to work with?  Has a student asked you to be his or her mentor but you aren't sure how to get started? This page offers some "helpful hints" on how to connect with students and start your Leadership University mentoring experience.


As a Leadership University Mentor, you can connect with a student in one of two ways:

1. Ask a student to participate in Leadership University and offer to sign up as their mentor. 

  • Is there a student in one of your classes who would be a great candidate? 
  • Do you advise a student who has great leadership potential? 
  • Do you work with a student organization that could benefit from the Leadership University program? 
  • Do you supervise any students who might be interested?

If so, suggest they join Leadership University and sign up as their mentor!


2. Register as a Leadership University Mentor using the "Mentor Login" tab on the left side of our webpage.  Complete a profile and wait to be contacted by a student. 

  • We have many students who are looking for mentors.  Through the Leadership University website, students can view your profile as they search for a mentor. 
  • If I student wants to become your mentor, he or she will email you and ask to meet in person to talk about participating in Leadership University with you. 
  • If you choose this option and are not contacted by a student within two weeks, contact the Leadership University Coordinator. 




Page last modified February 18, 2014