Leadership University

Choosing a Mentor

Leadership University believes establishing healthy mentor relationships are vital in a student’s development and success as a leader. Throughout a student’s undergraduate career they will encounter many faculty and staff who will work to strengthen them both professionally and academically. These informal mentor relationships often lead to letters of recommendation, job referrals, and most importantly friends!

Leadership University knows how beneficial these relationships are and we want to make sure each student taking part in our program has the opportunity to experience this relationship.Students will be able to select any of the following as Mentors:

o   Professors

o   Advisors

o   Staff

o   Professional Supervisors

o   The online listing


Once a student has chosen a Mentor they want to work with, they should direct their mentor to E-mail the coordinator at leadership@mail.gvsu.edu.  so they are able to sign up and create their profile on the leadership university website.

If a student chooses a mentor from the online listing, they will be required to E-mail them through the processing system and the mentor will then have to confirm the selection.  Choosing a mentor from the listing is great for students who are new to Grand Valley. The mentors on our online listing are dedicated actors on this campus! (this listing can be found once students use the login piece on the website and then click the “mentor” tab ) 

Page last modified November 25, 2013