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Choosing a Mentor

Choosing a Mentor 

This page is dedicated to giving students "helpful hints" in acquiring a mentor. Mentor relationships are extremely beneficial in helping guide you through your undergraduate experience. Mentors are a great resource and can also provide great help as references when it comes to landing a job or a graduate school interview! Read through the questions below to see how close you are to having a mentor. 



Have you connected with a professor in class?

  • If you saw a professor outside of the classroom and did well in a course, there’s a good chance you made a connection! Professors love students who are truly engaged in the course work and perform well. Professors are great resources for advice and letters of recommendation so having them as your Leadership University Mentor would be a great start in developing that relationship.

Do you have an advisor you see regularly?

  • Advisors are a great resource for your academic and professional life. They will help make your time at Grand Valley an efficient and exciting one. Advisors are here to help students and many would be more than willing to serve you as a mentor! They know best what employers and graduate schools are looking for, giving them an upper hand in helping develop your portfolio.  

Are you a member of a student organization on campus?

  • Every Student Organization on campus has a campus advisor. If you are a part of a student organization there is a good chance you and your advisor already share a set of common interests. Advisors of organizations already have a vested interest in students so they will be committed to your success.

Do you have a campus job?

  • If you have a campus job, especially in a specific department, there are many faculty and staff within that department who are good resources. If an office on campus employs you they have already seen value in you as a student. The workers in your office are well connected and will likely help guide you to find a mentor to fit your needs if someone in the department you work for does not.

Do you have an internship?

  • If you have an internship it is likely you have already connected with a multitude of professionals. These professionals will likely be guiding you as you move along in your internship but can be helpful to guide in your Leadership University experience as you look for activities to make you more attractive in the market. If you wish to use a professional not affiliated with Grand Valley please e-mail us at leadership@gvsu.edu


If you believe you have found someone you want to be your mentor, click here  for a guided format for reaching out to your mentor! 


**If you still don’t believe there is a faculty or staff member who you would like to have as your mentor than you will be able to use our “Mentor Match”  located on our webpage after you log in. Here you will be able to browse through a listing of highly enthusiastic faculty and staff who want to mentor you!

Page last modified May 13, 2014