Leadership University

Administrator Guide

Who can join?

All faculty and staff members at Grand Valley State University who organize leadership development opportunities for students.


How do I join?

1. Become a Partner: Contact the Hauenstein Center's Brian Flanagan at flanagab@gvsu.edu or 331-2770 to make your department, office, or center a Partner in Leadership University.

2. Become an Administrator: Once your department, office, or center becomes a partner, you will have the opportunity to identify one or more faculty or staff members to serve as Administrators on the website.

3. Sign In: Once you are an administrator, click Administrator Login in the navigation menu and use your GVSU username -- without the department container (smithj not smithj.admin) -- and password to get started.

4. Add Opportunities: Under your Opportunities tab, click "Add Opportunity" and follow instructions to add your leadership development programs to Leadership University.

5. Choose the Right Category: Be sure to select the appropriate Category and Program Type for your programs. These are an important guide for student participants.



What does it mean for my organization to be a Partner in Leadership University?

Partners are departments, offices, and centers across campus that create leadership development opportunities for which Grand Valley students can earn points in Leadership University.

Partners also have access to student reflections written about the development opportunities they organize.


What is an administrator's Role in Leadership University?

Administrators feature their leadership development opportunities on Leadership University by adding them to the opportunities list on the website, accessible by all student participants.

Students who take part in your programs and write 3-paragraph reflections will earn points toward completion of Leadership University.


What are the Categories and Program Types?

Leadership University is tied directly to Grand Valley's mission statement: "educating students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies."

Students must take part in development opportunities that fall into three different categories: personal (shaping lives), professional (shaping professions), and civic (shaping societies).

Within each category, development opportunities are broken down further into specific types of programs -- lectures, certificate programs, service projects, etc. -- to give students a better sense of what they entail.

It is up to administrators to decide into which categories and program types their development opportunities fit.


How does the Points system work?

Points in Leadership University are pre-assigned to types of leadership development opportunities based on the level of time, effort, and initiative required.

To complete Leadership University, students must earn four stars at a rate of 20 points each.

A fifth star is awarded automatically with a challenge to go out and earn it in the real world after their time at Grand Valley is complete.

Learn the story behind Leadeship University's signature points system.


Questions or Problems

Contact Brian Flanagan at the Hauenstein Center at (616) 331-2770 or flanagab@gvsu.edu.

Page last modified August 4, 2011