Leadership University

About Leadership University

Grand Valley State University's mission statement, Educating students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies, is at heart a commitment to producing leaders for the 21st century.

Our challenge is to become Michigan’s preeminent “Leadership University” by providing students with the high-impact experiences that are essential to every leader’s early education.

This site is designed to inspire student engagement, magnify and multiply development opportunities, and serve as the front door for students beginning their journey as leaders.

Leadership University is an initiative of Grand Valley's Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies, in partnership with the Office of Student Life and expert leadership educators from a range of university offices and centers of excellence.

It is inspired by Ralph Hauenstein’s vision for a new generation of ethical, effective leaders, and it is informed by philosophies and methodologies that are as diverse and sophisticated as the university itself.

Of students, Leadership University demands initiative, self-leadership, and strong followership in interaction with Grand Valley's world-class faculty and staff.  They must engage in a process of self-development by selecting mentors, seizing opportunities, charting growth, and forging a path as they earn stars through the program's signature incentive system.

For students, Leadership University promises to begin a life-long education in the art and work of leadership.



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