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What are the Laker Leadership Programs (LLP)?
Located within the Office of Student Life, the LLP offer a variety of leadership development experiences for GVSU students & student organizations. Based on the concepts from the social change model of leadership development, the leadership development core programs provide a solid leadership development foundation that aids students in their leadership endeavors on campus and for years to come (to read about our mission & philosophy, click here). Students may choose to participate in one or all the programs during their GVSU experience.
In addition to the leadership development programs, the LLP coordinate a number of leadership events and leadership recognition initiatives.

Core Programs
These programs are set up to help best promote leadership development through use of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. To read more about the SCMLD, click here.
First Year Leadership Experience (FYLE)
FYLE is a 6-week program designed to help newer leaders in creating and enhancing their personal philosophy of leadership while developing basic leadership skills and learning about all of the leadership opportunities that GVSU has to offer. It focuses on individual values (consciousness of self and others, congruence, and commitment). Offered annually in the fall and winter semester.

Intermediate Leaders Institute (ILI)
ILI is a half-day program that builds leadership skills for group facilitation and collaboration through leadership development, communication skills, networking on/off campus, team dynamics, networking skills, and inclusivity. It focuses on group values (collaboration, common purpose, and controversy with civility). Offered annually in the fall semester.

Community Leader Seminar (CLS)
CLS is a two week program for experienced leaders who desire to increase their impact as civically engaged members of GVSU and other communities in ways beyond their college experience. It focuses on social & community values (citizenship). Offered annually in the winter semester.

Additional Programs
These programs are designed to enhance the concepts learned in the core program.
Leadership Summit
Leadership Summit is a state-wide premier leadership conference and campus tradition entering it's 19th year. Over 30 workshops to select from, a leadership case study competition sponsored by Omicron Delta Kappa, and more. Offered in the winter semester annually.

StrengthsQuest® Series
Based on StrengthsQuest® (By the Gallup Organization), the StrengthsQuest Series helps you discover your strengths and learn how to maximize them in your current and future career, academic, and leadership, roles. DISCOVER, LEAD, and SUCCEED make-up this comprehensive, three-part series that is offered twice a semester.

Inclusion & Diversity Seminar
The Inclusion and Diversity Leadership Seminar is a 2-week workshop series on valuing and advocating for inclusion and diversity. Learn concepts of diversity as you are challenged by stereotypes that inhibit successful leadership and team development. Offered annually in the winter semester.

Sustainable Student Leader Workshop
The Sustainable Student Leaders Workshop is a 2 hour workshop designed to help participants better understand and utilize concepts of sustainability in their lives and student organizations. This workshop will focus on the Triple Bottom Line concept and how student leaders can use it be socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. Offered each semester annually.

Leadership Development Events
In addition to the leadership development opportunities through the programs listed above, students are given the opportunity to directly connect with other student leaders, become inspired by messages shared by alumni and community leaders, and become immersed in a campus environment that cultivates leadership through the following events.

Student Leader Networking Reception
This reception is an opportunity to directly connect with other students from across campus and explore new ways to collaborate. Held in the fall semester annually.

Venderbush Leadership Lecture
Held each semester annually.

I am Grand Valley Reception
Held in the Winter semester annually.

Campus Leadership Week
Held in the Winter semester annually.