LeLande D. Bond Leadership & Service Library

The Leadership & Service Library is comprised of books, periodicals, videos, essays, and computer resources on a variety of leadership and service learning topics. These resources are made available to all students, staff, and faculty who are interested.

We encourage students to read for personal leadership enhancement, to supplement classroom experience, or as resource materials to aid in the growth and development of their clubs and organizations.

Faculty interested in using service learning projects as part of their class curriculum or discovering more information on service learning as a pedagogy are welcomed to visit and look through the library collection.

The library is located in 1110 Kirkhof Center inside the Office of Student Life. You are welcome to drop in and visit anytime on weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00pm (5:00pm in the spring/summer semester). For questions or more information concerning the library call (616) 331-2345 or contact leadership@gvsu.edu.

All texts are cataloged on the Grand Valley State University Library On-Line Catalog
Materials and resources found in the Leadership & Service Library can be checked out for up to 4 weeks. The checkout procedure starts at the front desk of the Office of Student Life.

Named in the memory of LeLande D. Bond, Grand Valley Alumnus 1994
LeLande D. Bond (1971 - 1995)

During his time at Grand Valley, LeLande immersed himself in his academics, student activities, and his desire to help and impact all the students at Grand Valley. He first came to Grand Valley as a student in the Fall of 1990. In 1994, Lelande graduated with a degree in Public Administration and chose to pursue a M.Ed. in the School of Education with an emphasis in Secondary, Adult & Higher Education. During his First year in graduate school, LeLande worked as a graduate assistant in the Office of Student Life working with the Excellence in Leadership Program. Later, he was hired as the Copeland Hall Director starting the fall of 1995.

As a very positive and energetic individual, LeLande made a point of getting involved in student activities and organizations. He was active in leadership roles with the Black Student Union, the Student Senate, the NAACP, the Residence Halls Association, the Voices of GVSU and was elected Homecoming King in 1992. Lelande was also one of the first students to complete the Excellence in Leadership training program.

Lelande was an outstanding scholar as well. He was one of 30 students nationally selected for a fellowship program in Washington D.C. in the summer of 1991. During his senior year, LeLande received the Venderbush Leadership Award, Grand Valley's most prestigious leadership award.

LeLande so enjoyed making a difference and impacting the lives of fellow students, that he chose a career path as a university staff member and continued to impact Grand Valley students through his roles in the Office of Student Life and the Housing Office. A fellow staff member once said "He would want to be remembered by the fact that his being at GVSU made a difference for all the students here."

LeLande shared his passion and energy for leadership and involvement with his wife Andrea Taylor, also a student and graduate of Grand Valley. Married in August of 1995, both lost their lives in a tragic car accident a few weeks later. No one at the Grand Valley went without being impacted by the loss. A true living testament of the impact LeLande and Andrea had on the lives of Grand Valley's students, staff and faculty.

In honor of LeLande's commitment to student engagement and leadership along with his outstanding contribution to making a difference in the lives of students, staff, and faculty at Grand Valley, the Leadership & Service Library has been dedicated in his memory.

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