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*GVSU students, please note that as of 2/11,
the FREE CODES sponsored by Student Senate have been filled. 

All Participants
Please note that payment is due upon registration via credit card unless the participant is a being sponsored as a part of a "group" and has the corresponding registration code.

2015 Registration Rates:

  • GVSU Students $20 (Registration scholarships for GVSU students only are available- please read below)
  • Non-GVSU Students $30
  • Advisors $30
  • Faculty, Staff, & Guest Presenters $20*
  • *Please note that there is only a fee for faculty, staff, and guest presenters if they wish to attend the dinner.  Presenters do not need to register for the conference if this does not apply.

GVSU Student Registration
There are opportunities to attend Leadership Summit at no cost (for GVSU enrolled students only) through sponsorship by a campus department (for student employees or student leaders) and through the Student Life Fund. Sponsored students will register as a GVSU "group" and will need the registration "code" from the sponsoring department/ organization. If a student is not sponsored, they may register as an individual and would need to pay the $20 registration fee via credit card online. Contact or 616-331-2345 with any questions regarding sponsorship or group registration.

Non-GVSU Student Registration
Non-GVSU Students: If a student's registration fee will paid by their university/college, they will register as a Non-GVSU "Group." The advisor (or university/college staff member) should contact 616-331-2345 or  in advance to create a group code. If a student is not sponsored by their university/college, they may register as an individual and would need to pay the registration fee via credit card online.

Advisor Registration

Advisors are encouraged to accompany students from other colleges and universities.   We will host an advisor session during the conference for 2015. Advisors should include their registration information with their student's registration.

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