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Leadership Summit Keynote Speaker

Leadership Summit 2016 Speaker: Sam Davidson

Sam Davidson is a professional speaker, published author, and social entrepreneur.

For nearly a decade, Sam has been starting companies and helping people launch their big idea into the world. He knows how exciting, powerful, meaningful, tiring, and stressful starting a company or leading people can be.

When not overseeing his companies (BatchCool People Care, and Onward), Davidson travels and speaks to college students, nonprofit professionals, or business audiences about leadership, entrepreneurship, service, and the impact that each group can have on the world. He currently lives in Nashville with his family.


Sam Davidson


"Cool People Care: Saving the World with Your Day Job"

Everybody wants a great career, but more and more, people want to make a difference, as well. Today’s students care deeply about their planet and their communities, and they are committed to doing whatever they can – large or small – to make sure their time on the planet makes it a better place.

The good news is that most anyone can make a living while also making a difference.

Sam Davidson, founder of the organization Cool People Care, knows the ups and downs that come with building a “make a difference” career. A leading advocate of “Social Entrepreneurship,” Sam knows how students can make big change through their line of work, their talents, and their interests.

Today’s college students have a high level of civic engagement, and they have a desire to make a positive impact in their communities. Sam shows them that you don’t have to drop out and fly halfway across the planet to make a difference, anymore. Every young leader can plan their careers, shape their involvements, and set their goals in a way that puts their desire to “make a difference” into actual ACTION.

In this keynote, Sam introduces students to the concepts surrounding “Social Entrepreneurship,” demonstrating how leaders of all talents and resources can engage their talents for the benefit of others. An inspiring leadership keynote, Cool People Care will motivate your audience to think big.