What Leaders Do- The Leader Development Series

Learn the key skills necessary to be a leader and bring confidence and success to your organization. Leading is hard and difficult and it is good work. This innovative program will introduce you to ten essential tasks that Leaders DO. You will not be alone in this journey; a leadership coach will guide you in developing your skills as a leader. 

This 12 day program is designed for new leaders and leaders looking to enhance their skills. The practical nature of the content and the coaching makes this ideal for a leader who has at least one year of experience. 

What You'll Learn In This Program:

What Leaders Do helps individuals leaders develop the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively lead their team. We inform, train, support, and coach leaders on the ten essential tasks they must do:

  • Serve
  • Build Teams
  • Lead
  • Motivate
  • Measure
  • Organize
  • Direct
  • Communicate
  • Develop People
  • Develop Process

Upcoming Session Dates:

New Enrollment Dates Coming Soon!!

About the cohort learning structure

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