About What Leaders Do cohort learning structure

The small group (10 to 12 members) encourages participants to share their unique leadership goals and challenges and promotes peer-to-peer learning. Cohorts convene twelve times, ten full day and two half day sessions over one year. A cohort can be of people from your own organization to encourage learning and engagements across functional departments or mix it up with other companies to promote cross learning.

Course Outline:

Day 1(Half Day): Introduction to What Leaders Do

  • Develop a positive environment for open dialog between participants and coaches
  • Create a common dialog between participants and the participant's supervisor

Day 2-11: (Full Days)Ten Tasks of What Leaders Do

  • Learn the basics about the ten essential tasks with coaching around the implementation of each task

Day 12 (Half-day): Tying It All Together

  • How to use the Ten Tasks to be an effective leader
  • Final implementation plan going forward in your role as a leader
  • Celebration of your accomplishment!

Page last modified June 18, 2015