"Excellent. I wished I would have taken this course earlier in my leadership career. "


"I feel that this program has/will help me be a more effective leader to my team. It provided tools and ideas to help me build a stronger team. "


"Eye opening and empowering, I have a better understanding of who I am and the people around me. "


"Awesome Session! There were a great deal of personal breakthroughs    that I found out about myself."


"Unlike any other leadership course, attracts you from the heart unlike       the book ."



“I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the Accelerating Leadership Excellence program at GVSU.  We have a great pool of talent at RoMan Manufacturing and I want to be sure they are being prepared for their future and the future leadership of our business.  The four individuals that have so far participated in the program are thinking and working like a cohesive team, far beyond their functional responsibilities.”

Robert W. Roth, President & CEO, RoMan Manufacturing Inc



“I would rate this a 9 or 10 for me.  I felt like this course was a nice mix of executive coaching combined with learning concepts to apply in our professional careers.  When discussions lead us in a different (relevant) direction, we were able to continue down that path and have dialogue no matter how difficult they could be at times.”

Jan-Al Robinson, Director of Human Resources, Notions Marketing




After six months and three cohorts it is clear to us at InitiativeOne that the ALE program was right on target for selecting emerging leaders for an experiential growth process. In both verbal and written feedback, these leaders have noted that the dynamic process of learning that makes up ALE is well suited to their learning styles and furthermore they have strongly recommended that we not stray from this successful formula.

Moreover, the union of ALE, the emerging leaders from the community and Initiative One has the strong likelihood for a long lasting synergy between all parties as each looks to the other for success in the future. 

This kind of deep partnership ultimately fulfills the previously stated goals from the community and brings about the opportunity to accelerate the development of the future leaders from GVSU’s local business partners.  We are proud and privileged to be a part of ALE and its mission.  

Dr. Fred Johnson, Founder and CEO of InitiativeOne



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