Leading High Performance Teams

Uncover the seven secrets of high performing teams

Learn the core competencies that come together to produce effective teams and how to foster those competencies in your organization. You’ll complete a survey that identifies the opportunities and challenges of team building in your organization and have opportunities to learn, apply and practice new skills aimed at building alignment, improving communication, resolving conflict, promoting innovation, establishing trust, and fostering team orientation.

This program is designed for organizational and team leaders who want to improve their team-building skills and build the power and performance of their teams.

What You'll Learn In This Program:

  • Create an environment that fosters effective teamwork
  • Identify the seven core competencies of effective teams
  • Align team members in a common sense of direction
  • Promote clear, transparent, purposeful communication that engages all  team members and produces results
  • Encourage dialogue, manage conflict, and find solutions when team members hold different points of view
  • Encourage innovative thinking to improve processes, products, or outcomes
  • Make efficient use of team meetings and resources to gather ideas, set priorities, and take action effectively
  • Create a sense of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm in achieving team purposes
  • Establish trust, support, and open sharing of ideas, concerns and beliefs
  • Complete a team development plan and lead others in doing so
  • Develop a network of peers who share your professional challenges

About the cohort learning structure

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