About Applied Design Thinking cohort learning structure

The cohort structure encourages participants to collaborate effectively and build on each other's thinking. Cohorts convene four times for half-day sessions. A cohort is best suited for 18 to 24 participants (divided in teams of 6-8). You can create a cohort of people from our own organization to encourage learning and engagement across functional departments or mix it up to promote peer-to-peer learning across enterprises. 

Course Outline:

Day 1: Design Thinking process (4 hours)

  • Identify different personas, strengths and potential weaknesses within teams
  • Learn Design Thinking process
  • Explore through case studies

Day 2: Uncovering user needs and pains (4 hours)

  • Understanding the value of collaboration
  • Learn, explore, practice and master various methods for uncovering user needs and pains
  • Lean to synthesize information

Day 3: Ideation and iterative prototyping (4 hours)

  • Explore Ideation methods
  • Realize the power of visual thinking
  • Iteratively prototype solutions

Day 4: Modeling and storytelling (4 hours)

  • Explore business models: DVF (desirability, viability, feasibility) & VCC (value co-creation)
  • Build personas and scenarios
  • Tell compelling stories

Page last modified July 25, 2014