Accelerating Leadership Excellence

Learn to lead by influence, without relying on position or authority

Develop your leadership skills in this highly interactive cohort that focuses on the behaviors, thinking, and attitudes of highly effective leaders. You’ll learn how to influence others, identify and resolve problems quickly, build a team culture, and lead lasting personal and organizational change.

The program is designed for employees who are new to leadership, aspire to become leaders, or want to improve their leadership skills—from first-time managers to C-suite executives.

Cohorts convene for three six-hour sessions over six weeks, with a follow-up after 90 days to discuss challenges and fine-tune learning.

 What You'll Learn In This Program:

  • Lead effective change in a multigenerational workforce
  • Remove longstanding barriers and create new paths for productivity
  • Find new and better ways to address critical problems                                                                    
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with greater awareness of different styles of interaction
  • Break down barriers between functional divisions
  • Build a highly effective highly accountable team culture
  • Establish and model behaviors that build trust and collaboration
  • Complete a personalized development plan and lead others in doing so
  • Develop a network of peers who share your professional challenges

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