19-Month Leadership Cohort

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Grand Rapids Cohort
Starting Fall 2016

Designed for Adult Students

The 19-month leadership program is designed to meet the needs of busy adult students. Leadership program students typically:

  • Are 24+ years of age
  • Have 2+ years work experience
  • Have earned approximately 72 credits (or are junior standing)
  • Are prepared for hybrid learning 
  • Possess a high level of motivation 

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What is a cohort?

A cohort is a group of students with similar characteristics taking the same curriculum and expected to graduate at the same time. Essentially, you'll be moving through your coursework with the same group of students from start to finish. A cohort is a great way to develop a network, form study groups, and work as a team to complete your shared goal — in this case, graduation. You'll get to know the leadership cohort in orientation and work with them throughout the 19-month program. At the end of 19 months, you'll celebrate your graduation together and be connected to a network of leaders!


"I was looking for an opportunity to go back to school. I have four children, am married, and was working so it could have been complicated. I got a letter from Grand Valley for non-traditional students and the letter really hit home. I had already started a second degree in business and marketing years before and had stopped to have a family. This provided me the opportunity to go back."

-Carrie Uthe

Major: Liberal Studies
Class Year: 2010
Hometown: Spring Lake, Michigan