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19-Month Leadership Cohort


Grand Rapids Cohort Starting Fall 2016.


Are You Ready For Accelerated Learning?

The Accelerated Leadership Cohort is a great option for many adult students because it minimizes the amount of time you need to spend in a classroom and commuting to and from class, but it also requires a strong commitment to your studies and motivation to be a self-directed learner. 

The Leadership Cohort is accelerated and hybrid. This means that for most classes, you'll attend class from 6:00 PM-9:20 PM one night per week and complete the remainder of your coursework activities online. Most courses will be 5 weeks in length. You can expect to spend about 18-22 hours a week between in-class meetings, online expectations, and homework. 

GVSU has compiled several resources to help you determine if this type of program is a good fit with your learning style and current life situation:

  • This quiz assesses your learning style, technology, and academic skills. After the quiz, you will receive feedback on your strengths and opportunities to further develop your skills. 
  • And this website helps you determine if an online classes fit with your current schedule and provides tips on time management. 
  • You might also find these articles helpful as you consider “what to expect from an online or hybrid course” and look for “tips to develop skills for self directed learning". 


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